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CN-105926905-A: 粉墙机操作工艺 patent, CN-105931303-A: Railway transport intelligent safe passage system and passage method patent, CN-105934595-A: Clutch with back torque limiter patent, CN-105938292-A: 投影机以及投影机的控制方法 patent, CN-105939784-A: Fluidic module, device and method for aliquoting liquid patent, CN-105944774-A: 用于体外溶血栓药物效果分析的双层微流控芯片及制备方法 patent, CN-105945347-A: Cutting device patent, CN-105947947-A: 一种半压塞药瓶用全压塞机构 patent, CN-105952836-A: 可调阻尼的抗冲击微型惯性测量单元 patent, CN-105954502-A: 一种古建筑木柱内部缺陷的雷达波无损检测方法 patent, CN-105957571-A: Radioactive source conveying device, locking device, working container and source guiding equipment thereof patent, CN-105959060-A: External optical amplifier monitoring system and external optical amplifier monitoring method based on networking way patent, CN-105970084-A: 一种耐张线夹及其制备方法 patent, CN-105988182-A: 镜架调节装置及其调节方法 patent, CN-106001355-A: Large hydropress prestress frame stress monitoring and protecting system patent, CN-106012168-A: Spinning yarn bonding device patent, CN-106013735-A: 一种墙面开槽机 patent, CN-106024345-A: Adjustable induction device, and wireless energy transmission system and control method thereof patent, CN-106029462-A: 混合动力车辆的动力再生优化 patent, CN-106037335-A: Environment-friendly energy-saving high-precision fine-adjusting electric bed patent, CN-106044041-A: Automatic stereoscopic warehouse control system and method patent, CN-106046582-A: 一种聚苯乙烯仿柚木产品及其制备方法 patent, CN-106046747-A: A preparing technique for in-situ thermally-reduced poly(aryl ether nitrile)/graphene oxide heat-conducting composite film patent, CN-106050870-A: Bolt with crossed threaded end socket patent, CN-106050879-A: 螺母安装装置及其安装方法 patent, CN-106077317-A: Electrical copper pipe expanding machine patent, CN-106077424-A: 一种新型仪器铸造树脂砂 patent, CN-106080199-A: Reinforced instrument board structure patent, CN-106086288-A: Manufacturing method for 36MnVS4 cracking connecting rod steel patent, CN-106089933-A: 一种高防护的密封型螺栓 patent, CN-106094022-A: 一种土层等效剪切波速和土层反射界面埋深的测量方法 patent, CN-106106177-A: Culture medium for tissue culture of gastrodia elata patent, CN-106118556-A: Preparation method for anti-scratch crystal film for surface advertisements patent, CN-106121338-A: Telegraph pole used for environment monitoring patent, CN-106144968-A: Conveying device for shoe factory patent, CN-106164621-A: 用于检测在运动的部件上的位移的传感器组件 patent, CN-106171965-A: Breeding method of corn DH line tong 15D969 with ultra-large ear row number patent, CN-106181842-A: Angle Impact Tool patent, CN-106181951-A: Precise type cutting line drawing device patent, CN-106184284-A: 基于线激光多截面扫描的列车轮对直径自动化测量方法和系统 patent, CN-106191392-A: 一种刀具用钢材的热处理方法 patent, CN-106208946-A: 太阳能光伏发电系统 patent, CN-106233096-A: IC tag unit for instrument, and instrument with IC tag patent, CN-106239371-A: 修整器进气系统以及抛光机 patent, CN-106245194-A: Novel anti-radiant fabric patent, CN-106246040-A: 一种智能自动窗控制器 patent, CN-106249024-A: Method for measuring voltage of power transmission line based on D-dot electric field sensors patent, CN-106251944-A: A conductive pattern forming substrate and a substrate manufacturing method patent, CN-106285014-A: Steel structure industrial workshop installation method patent, CN-106348103-A: Carbon fiber plate coiling device patent, CN-106351553-A: 应急逃生护栏 patent, CN-106363443-A: 一种多方位c字夹孔加工夹具 patent, CN-106368062-A: 一种新型表面施胶剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106368236-A: 一种采空区自适应调整基础的装置及方法 patent, CN-106377131-A: 一种具备除螨功能的高分子健康枕及其制备方法 patent, CN-106392987-A: 一种液力偶合器快速拆卸装置 patent, CN-106414584-A: Rubber tire-tread composition and passenger-vehicle pneumatic tire using same patent, CN-106425673-A: 倒立式伸缩铠甲防护 patent, CN-106439014-A: Connection structure for motor cover and motor base patent, CN-106445938-A: 一种数据检测方法及装置 patent, CN-106476074-A: System for treating waste edges of paper boards for packaging patent, CN-106488919-A: 3-substituted 2-amino-indole derivatives patent, CN-106516001-A: 一种船舶舭龙骨定位安装方法 patent, CN-106585112-A: Differential pressure rebalance on-demand continuous ink supply system of Hewlett Packard 803 ink cartridge patent, CN-106623672-A: 壳体冲压系统及其圆柱式电池壳体生产设备 patent, CN-106638292-A: 一种海绵型桥梁储存缓排回用系统 patent, CN-106639786-A: 灰尘自动清理排出窗 patent, CN-106654593-A: 一种卫星通信地球站天线主反射面互换结构及其工艺 patent, CN-106670363-A: 一种高强度不锈钢锻件的制造方法 patent, CN-106676386-A: Thermal treatment method of cast iron cylinder sleeve patent, CN-106698050-A: 一种纺织机械布料支撑装置 patent, CN-106852176-A: Systems and methods for rna analysis in functional confirmation of cancer mutations patent, CN-106957017-A: Lifting variable-rate rope winding system for super-large flat-arm tower crane patent, CN-107029136-A: 一种红曲纳豆制品及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-107096174-A: 一种力可调的可视化腹肌轮 patent, US-5760780-A: Computer graphics system using caching of pixel Z values to improve rendering performance patent, GB-2116419-A: Furniture handle patent, GB-2117424-A: Building block patent, GB-2121285-A: Process for the aqueous impregnation of green wood with oil-soluble metal salts patent, GB-2127668-A: Process and apparatus for continuously making a strip of baked dough patent, GB-2135648-A: Molded meat vacuum packaging patent, GB-2141645-A: A method for producing a clad steel pipe patent, GB-2150521-A: Supporting and guiding apparatus for continous rounds casting patent, GB-2154550-A: Container patent, GB-2174168-A: Self-adjusting clutch control cable patent, GB-2174349-A: Carriers for use in conveyors patent, GB-2178177-A: A system for multiplying signals together patent, GB-2183525-A: Surgical fastener applying apparatus patent, GB-2185371-A: Straw incorporation apparatus patent, GB-2190210-A: Optical printing system patent, GB-2190292-A: Controlling tobacco whitefly in cotton seedlings patent, GB-2193244-A: A method and system for the production of electrical energy by means of a pressure medium patent, GB-2201803-A: Photosensitive recording system patent, GB-2237349-A: Clutch with synchronisation detection patent, GB-2238321-A: Coated reinforcing fibre and method for applying an oxide barrier coating patent, GB-2245669-A: Vehicle parking brake patent, GB-2251670-A: "Connection elements for shelf system" patent, GB-2260564-A: A restricting device patent, GB-2264330-A: Spring hinge with retaining mechanism patent, GB-2271140-A: A fixing assembly for securing a panel to a sash member patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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